Internship Opportunities

Interested in joining the Nor'easters?

The Ocean City Nor’easters are offering internships within our Premier Development League (PDL) soccer franchise and the opportunity to earn college credits. Internships run from September through December, January through April, and May through August.

The Ocean City Nor'easters are a soccer franchise based in Ocean City, New Jersey that competes in the top men’s and women's amateur leagues in North America. Players have the ability to compete throughout the summer months in a professional setting while maintaining their collegiate eligibility. The Nor'easters is the proving ground for players that aspire to reach the highest levels of the game, while providing affordable family entertainment to the Ocean City community.

We are currently recruiting interns for the following areas:
Community Relations
Front Office Administrative
Graphic Design
Latino Relations


Physical Performance
Ticket Sales & Fan Services

Video Production
Our internships offer students who have a passion for sports the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience during the fall, spring and summer months. Ocean City Nor'easters is a young, dynamic sports setting with a number of community events to participate in as well as working with the full-time staff. By being a part of our soccer franchise, you will be involved with the front office staff, promotions in the community, developing and implementing marketing strategies, game day operations and local charity work. This will involve working some evenings and weekends as is necessary in running a competitive soccer franchise in the largest league in North America.

Nor’easters Interns:

“Interning for the Nor'easters proved to be a dynamic and invaluable opportunity for me. The smaller size of the front office lends itself to collaboration with not just other interns but with the Owner, GM, Ocean City community, and even the players themselves.  I was empowered by the organization to bring new ideas to the table each day. This internship directly contributed to my opportunity to work with other professional sports organizations and influenced my decision to pursue a graduate degree in Sports Industry Management.” - Daniel O’Connell, Front Office Administrative InternDaniel has gone on to work with the Pawtucket Pawsox, the Boston Red Sox Triple-A affiliate.

“Working with the Nor’easters was an incredibly vital experience for me.  Not only was I able to write stories and work with members of the Front Office and Technical Staff, but I was able to give insight and opinions on several occasions about the different aspects of communication within the club.  I had never expected to be so directly involved with the everyday functions of the club.” - Zach Rayment, Communications Intern

For further information about the internships offered by Ocean City Nor'easters, please email at